Program Flyer: The Great Fire: Author Jim Murphy’s Notes on a CCSS Exemplar Book

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Contact Information
Jim Murphy
302 Pondside Drive

White Plains, NY 10607
Program Title
The Great Fire: Author Jim Murphy’s Notes on a CCSS Exemplar Book
Program Type
Individual Program
Program Rating
This program has not yet been evaluated.
Target Audience
Education: Grade(s) 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Parent, Adult LearnersHistorical Socities Public Library: Library Patrons
Maximum Number of Participants
Maximum number – 50 students
Minimum Number of Participants
Minimum number-20
Primary Disciplines
Social Studies/History, Language Arts/English, Sciences, Literacy, Writing, Reading, Problem Solving, Gifted & Talented, Standards
Program Description
Jim does a quick introduction to the subject of the book for the students who haven’t read it. Then he describes how he first became interested in the subject and his thoughts on why young readers might be interested in it. Then he talks about the various kinds of research he does from basic background to hunting down primary sources, especially eye-witness accounts, and visual images that amplify and expand on the story. Jim's forte is interacting with kids, whose curiosity and questions about the process of constructing vivid you-are-there narratives by hunting through massive amounts of material at historical societies, museums, newspaper morgues and private collections. He even talks about his own private collections of books an images.
Program Format
Jim Murphy enjoys and is very practiced at discussing historical events with young people and hearing and answering their questions. Interactive videoconferencing makes this an intimate and enlightening experience. Jim creates a very comfortable atmosphere where kids often ask questions that surprise teachers.
1. Students will be able to imagine what it was like to be in the middle of the Great Fire and be able to relate it to other modern-day disasters.
2. Students will gain an appreciation for the power of first-hand accounts.
3. Most importantly, students will gain insight into the process by which original writing emerges from research and critical thinking.
National/Common Core Standards to which this program aligns
Economics/ Allocating Goods and Services ,
Economics/ Markets and Market Prices ,
Economics/ Competition in the Marketplace ,
Geography/ Places and Regions ,
U.S. History K-4/ The History of Students' Own State or Region ,
U.S. History 5 - 12/ Era 6: The Development of the Industrial United States (1870-1900)

State/Regional Standards to which this program aligns
Close reading of nonfiction literature and thinking critically about it is stipulated in the CCSS

Program Length
45 min – 1 hour
Program Cost
Interactive: $300.00
Interactive Premium: $300.00
By Request: $300.00
By Request Premium: $270.00
Program Fee Notes
The price is per-site. iNK Think Tank will bill and collect the fee.
Cancellation Policy
We make every effort to reschedule. There is a $100 “kill” fee if less than 48 hours notice.
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Program Delivery Mode(s)
Videoconference - H.323 (Polycom, Cisco/Tandberg, LifeSize, etc...)

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