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A World of Colors – Charity Photo Exhibition for Orbis

Seeking Partners
Contact Information
Eddie Choi

York English Primary School
Education: Elementary
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2336-1483
Objective of Collaboration
An invitation from York English Primary School in Hong Kong for schools around the world to join the ‘A World of Colors – Charity Photo Exhibition for Orbis’. For more details on how to participate, you can email directly to with expressions of interest or questions. The project is called the ‘A World of Colors – Charity Photo Exhibition for Orbis’. In this project, children will experiment with photography by taking pictures of objects with primary colors (namely red, green, blue and yellow). In short, we expect each child taking part will submit a photo of a red object, a green object, a blue object and a yellow object respectively. After taking the photos, the participants have to A) write their names at the back of the photos, B) identify the photo's theme (e.g. ‘red bus’, or ‘yellow lion’) at the back of the photo, C) write a softcopy word document telling us something about themselves (e.g. their name, age, what town and country they live in, what hobbies they have, etc.), and D) send us a digital photo (a "jpeg" image file) of themselves (if they wish). Afterwards, each participating school will A) gather the children's photos, and B) gather the children's softcopy word document and digital photo (if applicable), and then send them to us. In other words, they will A) send us the actual photos the children took, and B) send us a CD housing the children's softcopy word documents and digital photos (if the kids choose to include digital photos). We need the softcopy documents and photos since we may create weblinks to the photos so that viewers can find out more about the artist if they wish. Please note that each photo must be 5R in size (i.e. 5X7 inches). Only ORIGINAL photos are allowed - cutouts from magazines or photos downloaded from websites will not be allowed. We would like to collect the photos and softcopy word documents by the mid-February 2017. We can extend it a little in your case. Participating schools must also promise to keep any newspaper cuttings and record any television/news recordings of their exhibition in their country. They also promise to send these cuttings/recordings to us at the end of the exhibition. We will then collate everything, make copies and then send these newspaper cuttings/recordings to each of the participating schools after we get everything from the participating schools. This year we will fundraise for Orbis (a charity dedicated to helping people in developing countries restore their sights) again. Please note that we do not accept individual entries – individuals can only participate through their schools. We sincerely invite schools all around the world to join this project! Useful links: 1. Video of the One World Project: 2. Orbis:
Time Frame
November 2016 - November 2017
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