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Case Studies

 Implementing Cloud Video at the Region 13 Education Service Center

 Greene County Schools Expand Professional Development Offerings

 Bedford Schools Implements Videoconferencing

Download Lower Yukon School District - Videoconferencing: A Solution for Multiple Challenges

Global Education

 Trends in Professional Development for Globally Minded Educators

 How to Encourage and Model Global Citizenship in the Classroom

 A Global Perspective: Bring the World into Classrooms

Global Education: Imagine, Connect and Collaborate

Whitepapers: Indepth Research 

The 2009 Update: Taking the Wraps off Videoconferencing in the U.S. Classroom
This national and state-by-state analysis updates an effort first conducted in spring 2006 to measure the adoption of videoconferencing in K-12 schools, by accessing the growth and evolution of classroom-based videoconferencing networks as of mid-2009.

The Impact of Broadcast and Streaming Video in Education
This papers draws on multiple studies conducted around the used of video in education over recent years. It describes in detail the impact of these technologies in improving high-quality education, learning outcoems and the development of 21st Century skills.

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