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Looking for your next inspirational & innovative PD read? We've got FORTY (Yes...40!!!) choices for you! A great honor to work w/all of these incredible DBC INc. (and IMpress) authors: daveburgessconsulting.com/books-2/ #tlap #LeadLap #KidsDeserveIt #IMMOOC
#Podcast - Find out how @MakersEmpire expands kids creativity in #STEM through #3D printing #design challenges. http://bit.ly/2ozMSnJ
You see, the flipped learning model is one that is inherently a mastery learning model. That is the reason why it is so successful in my classroom. #EdChat #KidsDeserveIt #MasteryChat http://bit.ly/2BVP3u9
Join @colleen_cruz in her live PD webinar series "Unstoppable Teaching: Thriving as a Teacher of Writing" starting March 14! http://bit.ly/2GOo6rq 
See how @Lindsay_USD uses #blendedlearning to support compentency-based progression in new report from @All4Ed & @FutureReady futureready.org/blendedlearning #caedchat 
Use Carousels to Engage #Studens Before, During, or After #Reading http://bit.ly/2n96u1f #aplangchat #aplitchat
Ideas or using drones in science education #STEM #edtech http://bit.ly/2BseQpQ
Thanks for publishing my article on #FlipgridFever @KQEDedspace @PeterPaccone @Flipgrid http://bit.ly/2E8wUs4 #casocstudies #sschat #sstlap #engsschat
via @Hoonuit: Join the #Hoonuit chat every other Wed. as the Learning Ambassadors moderate on education topics.cc @JaimeDonally #edsquad 
How to Remake Your Classroom and Inspire Hands On Learning in the New Year. https://www.edsurge.com/news/2017-12-12-how-to-remake-your-classroom-and-inspire-hands-on-learning-in-the-new-year #edtech via @EdSurge
40 Strategies to Enhance Student Engagement https://t.co/HWDrJdGaTS #edchat #ukedchat #passiondriven #elearning #ncte #sschat #elachat #principals #eduleader #teachingtips #classroom #engagement #SEL #pbl
Let's inspire the next generation to make the world a more peaceful place. Here's how: https://www.participate.com/SDG16 #SDG16 #TeachSDGs
 From: @nfminute
Twenty percent of the books on this Top Sci-Tech Books for Youth are by iNK Thank Tank authors! Congrats! http://static.nsta.org/pdfs/2018BestSTEMBooks.pdf @TechBriefsMag #TechforPlanet #Tech17
 From: @AdvocateforEd 
 From: @SPACEdotcom
Curious Kids: How Do Satellites Get Back to Earth? goo.gl/PXrSch
 From: @acforrest4241
I'm reading this great book over the break Here's a quote I liked: Connect your experiences to your teaching...and create meaningful lessons for your students." #InstantRelevance #BeAViking #MakeItReal
Help your students develop their imagination with these 3 ideas: edut.to/2hz65Tn
 From: @iste
Bring #coding into your classroom and get ready for #CSEdWeek and #HourofCode with this webinar! Join us Nov. 28, 4pmPT/7pmET
 From: @Sean4d
15/31 pgs of @Flipgrid "Oh the Places You'll Go!" #WORLDReadAloud! flipgrid.com/95222d
 From: @FizzicsEd
Make colored petals science experiment http://bit.ly/2ghvBfm #STEM #fizzicsed #scied #ntchat
 From: @classcraftgame
What if Classroom Management were FUN?! Gamify Your Classroom bit.ly/2vwsE1h
 From: @KarlyMoura
Flipgrid & #HyperDocs Ideas for using them together in your classroom! Co-written w/ @seanjfahey http://bit.ly/2xLVr0Y

 From: @zelfstudie
Celine Sousteau will do a #Skype lesson with teachers across 6 continents on Oct. 18 (2pm GMT) #ClimateAction
 From: @focus2achieve
My Free Teaching & Learning Resources Page is Up! http://bit.ly/2eLvDPi #teaching #learning #edchat #education 
 From: @DebateGlobal
Great online learning with @cilcorg Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration bit.ly/2iWth1r #ISTEGlobalPLN #globaled17 
 From: @web20classroom
Important for everyone from @shfarnsworth-3 instructional Strategies To Support Classrooms: bit.ly/2bu1eDJ #edchat
 From: @nfminute
Where the Science Here? Predicting Hurricanes #science #edtech #elled #teachers #STEM @vickicobb http://bit.ly/2gFLbBf 

 From: @jeffhisereduHelp struggling students build a #growthmindset; http:edu.to/2gsleVE via @BrainSMARTU 
 From: @ASCD
6 Questions to Ask Your Students on Day One. @hpitler http://bit.ly/2wJFVng 
 From: @Lynch39083
4 Ways to Help Your Students Embrace Diversity http://bit.ly/2uDmVcx  #ntchat
 From: @leecrockett
Exploring 7 Fundamental Truths That Can Transform Teaching http://bit.ly/2wXOUAj #education #passiondriven #edchat
 From: @educationweek 
Principals must address the immigration-related fears of their school community, says Nancy Gutierrez http://bit.ly/2uHJCIA #EWopinion
 From: @Rdene915
TeachThrought: The Difference Between Technology Use and Technology Integration http://bit.ly2vCAC8T #edtech
 From: @sonnymagana
The Future of Education Transcending the Status Quo Part 3 of 5 blog series w/ @EdCircuit http://bit.ly/2u4CjyC @CorwinPress #T3Framework
 From: @nightzookeeper
First look at our new creative writing tool: vimeo.com/227879638 Take a look @JenWilliamsEdu @Sean4d @mrdearybury1 @LiteracyShed 
 From: @Lynch39083
Building professional learning communities: Social media, ed champs and Meetup http://www.theedadvocate.org/?p=6047 #edchat #educhat 
 From: @leecrockett
The Five Biggest Mistakes Teachers Should Never, Ever Make http://bit.ly/2vtDF5d #teacherquality #teachchat
 From: @RobynHriynatz
We're here to help! Tag @microsoftEDU with your #BacktoSchool ?s - We'll answer life FB August 16th http://bit.ly/2wpBGfs #MicrosoftEdu
 From: @cilcorg
Did you know that a great way to get started with @neprisapp is to have your students join an industry chat? bit.ly/2f2COIL
 From: @k12cto
The Future of Classroom Technology: 5 Experts Weight In - Education Week http://ow.ly/4zot30doxrV #edtech 
 From: @globaledcon
Call for Proposal for the Global Education Conference is now open. Acceptances roll out starting Aug 1! http://ow.ly/HyHb30dvFuf #globaled17 
 From: @dsmacdonald
Six Ways to Build Girl-Inclusive #Makerspaces via @MakerEdOrg #VSLA #VTed 
 From: @Rdene915
CommonSenseEd: We're looking for #edtech reviewers! If you're interested, apply using this form: http://comsen.se/2tGJvxk #edtecchat 
 From: @bjohnsonEDU
8 Needs For Project-Based Learning In The 21st Century http://j.mp/2sEOBcb 
 From: @MrLeonard8
#Eduequals! We're looking for your favorite ways to share student voice! Post your @flipgrid video today! https://flipgrid.com/6bda56 #stuvoice
From: @GlobalReady
The #SDGs provide a simple framework for teacher to try something new & collaborative http://bit.ly/2sZjVql 
From: @edutopia
Top resources for integrating science, technology, engineering, math AND art: edut.to/2r2UjXA #STEAM
From: @ibookwidgets
15 education blogs every teacher should follow @TeacherToolkit @innovativeEdu @edtechneil @ClassTechTips http://bit.ly/2rsa4VS  
From: @paigejohnsonk12
Awesome book on how to assess #students' needs and reach all of your learners!! #Teaching #Educator #AmazonBooks 
From: @jen_hawkins4 
Middle school teachers should not be talking more than 12-15 min or you lost your students' attention #Reflection #WCPSSchat #bfc530 #edchat
From: @Lynch39083
Trends in Tech: How Schools Can Access the Future, Now http://bit.ly/2eYMNUg #edtech
From: @JenWilliamsEdu
The time is now & the solution is education! Learn all about how to @TeachSDGs with free course http://bit.ly2pel4TI @participate 
From: @ideaphora
Enhance concept mapping using Ideaphora's Granular Search with 14,000 + pieces of vetted-open education resources! http://bit.ly/2pMeo1u 
From: @CiscoEDU
How can #students best approach virtual learning if they nver have before? This story gives three tips: http://bit.ly/2qofpwD
From: @HRSB_Official
Canada Learns Code is an organization that provides support/lessons for teachers on coding. Check it out: http://bit.ly/2p3HuwT #CLC150
From: @LollyDaskal
The Best Leaders Are Great Coaches @LollyDaskal bit.ly/2iurM8y #Leadership #LeadFromWithin 
From: @edutopia
MT @NewsHour: Inspiring interview with @BillNye on how science teachers can inspire students: http://to.pbs.org/2oqO1xl #stem 
From: @DavidGeurin
Developing Self-Directed Learners: Teaching Students to Set Their Course http://bit.ly/2o45cbb via @Getting_Smart 
From: @chatzopoulosn
Check out this list of 25 prominent #edtech leaders everyone can learn from http://bit.ly/2qRZF3B #edchat #ipaded #FETC 
From: @edutopia
Teach students this simple way to steer their brain toward positive learning outcomes. http://edu.to/2klBBot
From: @paigejohnsonk12
The future of technology is amazing! 8 Technologies that will shape future classrooms! http://bitl.ly/1eUjf8F #AR #VR #ed #STEM #k12 
From: @TheresaShafer
How to do Innovate Projects in the Midst of Standards and Curriculum http://bit.ly/2oxXQwb viz @aiiuliani @PBLChat 
From: @edutopia
How to choose diverse & inclusive resources (& why it's important to do so) http://edut.to/1lQai8b 
Internet 2 Webinar Recording here - recorded December 4, 2018
Description: Explore how to harness the power of your internet to integrate Internet2 Community Anchor Program (CAP) events into your school or library. CAP explores how advanced broadband capabilities can serve teaching and learning, and serves over 100,000 community anchor institutions, including K-12 schools, public libraries, colleges and universities, and museums.

Attend the webinar to learn about opportunities to participate in:
LoLa for All, allowing musicians thousands of miles apart to collaborate
Presidential Primary Sources Project, a FREE, interactive web series about our nation's presidents, this is January to March 2019
12 Days of AZ Christmas
My students have made a PowerPoint to the 12 Days of Christmas -Arizona Style. We have incorporated such things as 5 Copper mines, 4 sunny days etc. We'd love to share our presentation with another class (in or out of AZ) and learn how things are where you li...
Status:  Seeking Partners
Audience:  Education: Grade(s): 3, 4, 5 Other:

Spanish class collaboration
I am in search of native Spanish speakers to collaborate with my novice Spanish students. We'd love to do a mystery session, or embark on a collaborative project
Status:  Seeking Partners
Audience:  Education: Grade(s): 7, 8, 9 Other:

Seasons and Weather
We are a first grade class in Virginia learning about the seasons and weather. We would like to share with another class to see how their weather and seasons might be different than us.
Status:  Seeking Partners
Audience:  Education: Grade(s): Kindergarten, 1, 2 Other:

French and Spanish classes looking to connect!
I am posting this request on behalf of a middle school librarian in Central New York. Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating this year! "I am Katie, a middle school librarian working with students who are taking a foreign language (French ...
Status:  Seeking Partners
Audience:  Education: Grade(s): 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Other:

English as a Second Language- Lifelong Learning
Gault Institute is a Community Learning Centre situated in Valleyfield Quebec, Canada. The centre offers lifelong learning course to adults in the community. Being a prominetley French speaking community, these community members take these classes to learn Eng...
Status:  Seeking Partners
Audience:  Education: Grade(s): Adult Learners Business/Community: Community Member Other:


Whether you are a K-12 Educator or Administrator, or at a Higher Education institution, there is a community for you. When you join a community, you will get access to interactions with your peers, professional learning opportunities, and our new badging program, developed with Cisco Connected Educator program.


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The Cisco Connected Educator Badge Curriculum empowers educators with high-quality collaboration tools to foster innovation and creativity in today’s digital learning environments.  Some highlights:
  • COMMUNITIES: Provides a Professional Learning Network (PLN) in which members — through the use of the Cisco collaboration application, Webex Teams —belong to individual learning communities to share and discuss best practices pertaining to their teaching with collaboration technologies. 
  • BADGES: The PLN will provide support to educators as they work on any one of the Cisco Connected Educator Badges.  


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