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Independent Provider of Content
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Mari Mennel-Bell
1524 Bayview Drive

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
United States
About the Content Provider
Students soar out of the ordinary world into an educator led PowerPoint presentation with embedded music videos that use jazz to teach academics: language arts, math, history, geography & migration, test taking strategies, critical thinking, & problem solving.
JazzSLAM is available in three 45 minute eLearning sessions.
Program Delivery Mode
Videoconference – Webcam/desktop (Zoom, Skype, iChat, FieldTripZoom, Vidyo, Movi/Jabber, Blue Jeans, etc...)
Programs are available
Primary Disciplines addressed through programs
Social Studies/History, Language Arts/English, Mathematics, Performing Arts, Special Education, Literacy, Writing, Reading, Problem Solving, Gifted & Talented, Standards,
Here's what others are saying about our programs
Sample evaluation comments from 9/29/15 4th grade Bethune Elementary, Ft Laud, FL
“What new information have you observed that your students are applying as a result of their JazzSLAM presentation?”
Mr. Ebbitt: My students are looking into the story for clues. I am using music as an added tool.
Ms. Fox: They are counting beats and putting new rhythms together.
Ms.Brieseida Maycumber: Music notes, Fractions, Geography - Continents. Fraction representation through music
Mrs. Ramos: using music notes to solve fractions.
Ms. Cuneo: Geography skills

“what new info did Students say they learned from the JazzSLAM program?”
Mr. Ebbitt: Following the beats. Working on geography (we need to work on it!) Singing.
Ms. Fox: You can learn fractions from music; by counting the beats.
Ms. Maycomber: Fraction representation though music.
Ms. Ramos: About the different artists of the Jazz era.
Ms. Cuneo: Following beats. Fraction representation.

“Teacher or student comments”
Mr. Ebbitt: I thought that the show as upbeat and very fun! I loved seeing the kids so involved and smiling.
Ms.Fox: The kids loved it!!!
Ms.Maycumber: Wonderful display of history through geography and math
Ms Ramos: Loved how they used songs to display different information about history and such. My students love it! They kept singing the songs throughout the day.
Ms.Cuneo: They loved it!
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