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Kings County Office of Education

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Kings County Office of
Education is committed to providing engaging and educational content through
the use of interactive videoconferencing. The programs we offer help improve awareness,
understanding, and knowledge of agriculture.

Agriculture is a major
industry in California with approximately 81,500 farms and ranches. Through a
combination of tradition and innovation, California has secured its status as
the most productive agricultural state for more than 50 years. Centrally
located in California, Kings County is ranked 8th in agricultural production.

Our state-of-the art studio allows
us to provide students with a virtual fieldtrip to an agricultural destination.
We provide highly interactive videoconferences, raw products are shipped to the
class for students to touch and see. Through these hand-on engaging activities students
are able to obtain a better understanding of where their food and fiber comes
from. Participants will enjoy meeting presenters that are knowledgeable of the
content in which they teach.



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Honorable Mention





Programs by Kings County Office of Education

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The Wonder of Cotton: From Farm to Fabric

Kings County Office of Education has created an interactive, engaging and educational videoconference your students are sure to enjoy...


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The Journey of Milk: From Cow to Carton

Kings County Office of Education has created an interactive, engaging and educational videoconference your students are sure to enjoy. Students...


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Kings Art Center

Programs offered by the Kings Art Center are only available for Districts that the Kings County Office of Education services. Because of billing...


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Education: K-12 School


Haley Moreno   haley.moreno@kingscoe.org
1144 W. Lacey Blvd
Hanford CA 93230
United States


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The programs of Kings County Office of Education cover:

Social Studies/History
Fine Arts

Awards, Quotes, Testimonials

“I just wanted to send you an email to let you know that my class and I really enjoyed our cotton video conference. You did a great job presenting the information. The pictures of the insects were a big hit. The kids also loved pulling apart the cotton to get the seeds. It really made them realize how difficult picking and processing cotton is by hand. I have taught a cotton unit in the past and your video conference combined a few of the lessons into a one hour presentation. It was great! I have discussed with my colleague about doing this video conference next year and then take a field trip to a cotton field so the kids can actually see the parts of the plant and insects. It was amazing to me that the kids really didn't know where cotton came from and how it was used. It goes to show how important it is to teach the kids about agriculture, especially when it is all around them. Thank you!”
Amy Gamble
Third Grade
Frontier Elementary

"We had such a great experience with this VC. Thank you for a well put together, fun, and interactive VC! The kids really learned a ton of information and enjoyed themselves as well!"

Thanks again,
Melissa Munoz
Central Elementary School District