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The U.S. Army Women's Museum serves as an educational institution, providing military history training and instruction to soldiers, veterans and the civilian community. The museum is the custodian and repository of artifacts and archival material pertaining to the service of women across all branches and organizations of the U.S. Army from inception to the present day. The museum collects, preserves, manages, interprets and exhibits these unique artifacts as a means to provide training and educational outreach.





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Dr. Francoise Bonnell
2100 A Avenue
Fort Lee VA 23801
United States

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The programs of Army Women's Museum cover:

Social Studies/History
Language Arts/English
Problem Solving

Awards, Quotes, Testimonials

“A well organized & detailed program that shares information on our
under appreciated women who served during WWII.”

"Students loved the presentation. We had two different
presenters and they were both fantastic! I love the mix of visual with actual artifacts
as well.”

“The students were
very engaged and participated in the program the entire time.”

presentation using primary sources to drive the student learning.”

 “It was unique information that was rich in
history and critical thinking”

“This was an
excellent program. The presenter is very knowledgeable in the content area. Our group
enjoyed how the program focused on one woman to help tell the story of many.
The presentation was fun and interactive. I assume you use Prezi, which makes
presentations excellent.”

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