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Program Flyer: Try IVC! Zoo Food for Thought

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Content Provider   Minnesota Zoo  2011-12 Honorable Mention, 2012-13, 2013-14
Contact Information   Galen Sjostrom
13000 Zoo Blvd
Apple Valley, MN  55124
United States
Phone: (952) 431-9522
Program Type   Individual Program
Program Rating      based on 108 evaluation(s).
Target Audience   Education: Kindergarten, Grade(s): 1, 2, 3, 4
Maximum Number of Participants   40
Minimum Number of Participants   5
Primary Disciplines   Sciences
Secondary Disciplines   Career Education, Problem Solving, Standards
Program Description   Whether we’re talking about plants or animals, sometimes it seems like the natural world is all one big race to eat or avoid being eaten. “Zoo Food for Thought” is designed to give students a snapshot of the world of “wild eats” from herbivore habits to carnivore cunning. The program also explores the challenge of making sure animals in zoos receive all the nutrition they need, just as they would from their food webs in the wild. Lastly, if you've ever wondered what happens to all the left-overs (and the stuff animals leave behind), “Zoo Food for Thought” shows how zoos avoid clogging landfills by helping their animal and food waste compost naturally without ever leaving Zoo grounds.
Program Format   1. Introduction to the Minnesota Zoo - where are the animals?
2. "Match the Meal" guessing game
3. Who eats what? Herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores
4. How do they chow? Predators, prey, and scavengers
5. Food at the Zoo - let's visit the kitchen!
6. Save that waste! Composting at the Zoo
7. Questions and answers
Objectives   During Zoo Food for Thought participants will:
-gain a basic understanding of food web interactions
-learn how the nutritional needs of specific animals are met at the Minnesota Zoo
-be introduced to the concept of organic waste recycling through composting
National/Common Core Standards to which this program aligns   National Science & Technology Standards
•NT.2-4.4 – Technology communication tools
•NS.2-4.1 – Science as inquiry
•NS.2-4.3 – Life science
•NS.2-4.5 – Science and technology
•NS.2-4.7 – Science as a human endeavor
State/Regional Standards to which this program aligns   Minnesota State Science Standards: - Observe an compare plants and animals - Describe and sort animals in many ways, according to their physical characteristics and behaviors. - Identify common groups of plants and animals using observable physical characteristics, structures and behaviors - Give examples of beneficial and harmful human interactions with natural systems.
Program Length   30-50 minutes, depending on audience participation
By Request   This program is available by request ONLY
Date/Time Notes   This and other Minnesota Zoo Programs can generally be booked by request between 8:30am and 4:00pm (CMT) Monday through Friday. Please feel free to contact our program coordinator directly by phone or email to inquire after specific dates and times.
Program Cost   By Request Cost: $50.00
By Request Cost with Premium Service: $50.00 What's this?
Cancellation Policy   If a program is canceled or interrupted due to unanticipated technical difficulties on either side of the connection, we cannot guarantee that a make-up connection time will be available, but every effort will be made to reschedule the program at no additional cost.
Is recording allowed?   No
Program Delivery Mode(s)   Videoconference - H.323 (Polycom, Cisco/Tandberg, LifeSize, etc...)
Videoconference – Webcam/desktop (Skype, iChat, FieldTripZoom, Vidyo, Movi/Jabber, Blue Jeans, etc...)
Minimum Technology Specifications for sites connecting to this provider   To participate in our programs audience groups will need either an H.323 video system (Tandberg, Polycom, LifeSize, etc.) OR a compatible web video service (Vidyo, Cisco Jabber, etc.) and a way to bridge that service to connect over IP.

* NEW* If you do not have an H.323 system OR a subscription to a web-based video conferencing service but you have a high definition webcam and standard high-speed internet service, we can provide you with a one-time Cisco Jabber login and password free of charge.
Please note: We do NOT offer programs via Skype at present, but if you are already using Skype for video calls your computer likely already has everything it needs to work with Cisco Jabber too.

Test connections are required no less than four days prior to a scheduled program, and we ask that audiences plan to dial into our IP address.

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